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Duck call Mankoff BA CLASSIC (orange)

Duck call Mankoff BA CLASSIC (orange)
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MANKOFF Duck Call series BA Classic (1230/2)

Double reeds call  


It has a pleasant, loud, high voice, which most corresponds to the voice of a young or spring bird.

It is suitable for open ponds, can be used on small and closed ponds.


Duck call is able to reproduce the whole range of sounds made by a duck.

Volume is easy to adjust the force of air supply in the call.

Duck call is Suitable for both novice hunters and hunters who have experience with duck call.

Creating a series of sounds on a double reed requires little effort and a smaller amount of air compared to a single reed call.

Double reed call allows you to make long series of sounds.

If necessary, duck call is easy to maintain.

After the disassembly-assembly does not need additional settings - it is always in the tuned tone.

It provides long-term work.

Duck call is not afraid of water and low temperatures.

Duck call is resistant to shock loads.

It does not require additional care.


Production material: shock-resistant polycarbonate.

Color: Orange

  • Оранжевый


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