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About us

Our life is all about hunting

Hunting is an exciting and interesting activity, nevertheless it could also be quite challenging. Bird hunting wants a hunter to be patient, to sit still for a long time, to be skillful at camouflaging, and to have special equipment.

Are you a professional hunter or a beginner?

Our company offers various hunting gear:

  • Duck Calls
  • Goose Calls
  • Grouse Calls
  • Predator Calls
  • Lanyards for calls
  • Duck Decoys

We know what the hunters need when hunting because we see hunting as something more than a hobby. We have the best supplies.

Boundless meadows, forests, lakes, and hunting areas attract the hunters by plenty of preys. Only the selected ones could become true adventurous hunters, but even the beginners could become quite skillful in hunting if they are ambitious for it.

Today, hunting for swimming ducks and forest birds is one of the most popular types of hunting.

Dedicated animal hunters believe that bird hunting lacks a romantic appeal and beauty. But it is the lake that gives you an acute feeling of nature being awakened in spring, birds returning back home, mating dances.

And it is the right time to bait the birds, to imitate the sounds of a mallard, a goose, or a hazel grouse with MANKOFF air calls.

MANKOFF employees know a lot of stuff about hunting as they are dedicated hunters themselves. We understand the difficulties, that’s why we use in-house manufactured calls and test them for the efficiency.

MANKOFF calls mean successful hunting!